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Here's what our customers are saying...

"I am a convert... These soy candles hand poured with heart and soul by Gina
are more delightful than described! I have been burning pure bees wax candles for
the last 15 years which are an all-natural product. But, My Angel all-natural soy
candles, scented with pure essential oils burn totally clean and they fill the room
with a delicate aroma unlike most candles with strong fake fragrances.  I'm getting
double the burning hours for half the price! Hard to pick a favorite scent ~ all
are heavenly! Sweet Angel Janessa ~ you light up my world."
TGB - Franklin, MA

"Your candles are awesome!!  I love your creative scents.  I burned the lemon and
eucalyptus all Sat. and it filled the house with a very light and refreshing scent.
Even the kids noticed.  Recently, my husband bought me a candle from a very popular candle store.
Ewwww! I had to set him straight!  Petroleum based candles with artificial
fragrances are so bad for our environment not to mention we are supporting the huge,
greedy oil companies NOT the American soy based farmer.  Did I mention after burning
the candle all day long, I couldn't even tell that I had burned it at all?  What a
steal!  A healthy, socially conscious, deliciously scented, budget friendly
alternative!!  You go, girl!!  I'm getting more!"
BR - Narragansett, RI

"I don't know what I was expecting, but I was blown away by your beautiful candles (no pun intended)!  The containers are gorgeous, and I feel like it's Summer and I have my nose in a Lavender plant - My favorite scent.  I will be happy to promote your product and wish you success and peace." TT - Franklin, MA  

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