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Body and Home Care

All Natural ESSENTIAL SKIN Body Oil
Paraben and SLS Free 10 oz. Amber Glass Pump

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Essential Skin Body Oil - 10oz.

Here it is...My Angel Candles All Natural ESSENTIAL SKIN Body Oil  
Paraben & SLS Free

Our skin is our largest organ and absorbs the most toxins.  Even when shopping at the most natural stores, when you read the labels, you may find yourself disappointed at the ingredients that are found in most.  We have taken it upon ourselves to make a skin moisturizer that is healthy and free from any laboratory made chemicals.
ESSENTIAL SKIN is made up of three ingredients only.  Camellia Seed Oil, Grapeseed Oil, and an essential oil to give it a nice light scent.  That's it!  Camellia Seed Oil is an excellent anti-oxidant.  This protects the skin from free radical damage.  One of the best kept secrets in the cosmetic industry.  Historically, it was the only oil used in Asia to protect Samurai swords from Rust and Corrosion, another testimonial to its anti-oxidant properties! Grapeseed Oil is also a natural anti-oxidant that comes from Mediterranean grapes; this eliminates free radicals and protects the skin from external aggressors such as city pollution, slowing accelerated signs of aging. The combination of the two main oils provides a light, satin like finish to your skin.  It is readily absorbed and does not leave your skin with a thick, greasy, oily feeling.
In addition,  Essential Oils which are all natural plant based are used to give both benefits to your skin and a light scent.  The scent never interferes with a perfume that you may like to use.
ESSENTIAL SKIN leaves your body moisturized with NO worries.

Turbinado Sugar Body Scrub
All Natural - 8 oz

Turbinado Sugar Body Scrub

All Natural - Turbinado Sugar Scrub   

Your skin will be left smooth and moisturized after applying this body scrub to your skin during your shower. The natural oils of Camellia Seed, Grapeseed and Essential Oils will absorb into your skin leaving you glowingly soft.  Now available in three Natural Scents of Clary Sage, Orange Bergamot, and Lemongrass.  All are lovely!

Organic Chamomile Exfolite
For your Face - 4oz.

Organic Chamomile Exfoliate - $8.00

Organic Chamomile Facial Exfoliate
This Organic Chamomile Facial Exfoliate is wonderful!  It helps to gently remove the outer layer of dry, dead skin cells to reveal the younger, healthier skin beneath, promoting tissue regeneration.  All indredients used are organic and hand ground.  It contains: Ground Oatmeal, Non-Fat Powdered Milk, Ground Cornmeal and Ground Dried Chamomile Flowers from Egypt.  Cleopatra knew about the beautifying properties of milk; she took baths in it!  Skin-softening, moisturizing, and filled with nutrients, milk has been a favorite beauty aid for millenia.  This exfoliate has anti-inflammatory  and antibacterial properties. Gentle enough for daily use.

Aromatherapy Mist
4 oz.

Aromatherapy Mist

 Aromatherapy Mist
All Natural Aromatherapy Mist is great as a healthy alternative to the air freshners on the market today.  Free from chemicals, it is water based with Natural Essential Oils.  It not only freshens the air you breathe it is also a wonderful addition when sprayed on your bed sheets and pillows!

 All proceeds will be donated in Loving Memory of  Janessa Marie and will go to the following:

"The Compassionate Friends", a non-profit organization for bereaved families following the death of a child.

"The Animal Rescue League of Southern Rhode Island" - because Janessa loved animals.

"Smile Train" - because Janessa had the most beautiful smile and we want to give the chance to change children's lives forever with a beautiful smile of their own!



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